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We are a family operated farm, focused on bringing you high quality and nutritious food in the form of fresh produce, pasture-raised eggs, and pastured beef and pork.

Our goal is to be easily accessible to you so you can provide your family with a quality lifestyle.

Sustainable, pasture-raised meat

We believe in raising our hogs and cows in a natural environment instead of confined feedlots, so they always have fresh green grass to eat

We grain finish our animals, providing the best flavor and marbling. By grinding our own feed, with grains sourced by local farms around Central Oregon.

We dry-age our beef for optimal taste and quality, while our hogs eat grass on rotational grazed cover crops providing a vast flavor in both meats.

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Fresh Produce and Eggs

Our veggie sheds offer a wide variety of our farm raised vegetables, including zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, peppers and so much more.

These vegetables are grown only a few miles away at our U-Pick location, and are picked and delivered the same day or a day before we stock it.

Stop by to get stocked up on Well Rooted Farms’ fresh vegetables!

Also, find our pasture raised meat and eggs at our locations!

Veggie Shed Locations

Join the farm club

We offer three simple boxes that can be shipped directly to your doorstep every 30, 60, or 90 days. – and you can change the box type and frequency as often as you’d like!

Our Story

We are the Maricle family and we are Well Rooted Farms. Each one of us comes from deep farming roots and believe in working hard together as a family to produce the best quality tasting products for our customers.

  • The U-Pick

    Well Rooted Farms offers a Vegetable U-Pick where we share our experiences with you! Come check us out and pick until you're heart is content!

  • The Veggie Sheds

    Well Rooted Farms offers veggie sheds where you can buy eggs, meat and pre-picked vegetables at your convenience.

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  • We implement as many organic and sustainable practices as possible to grow nutrient dense and some of the best tasting vegetables in Central Oregon. We use key minerals that put nutrients back in the soil through our irrigation system. When an organic process is not possible, a more conventional method is used to keep nutrient dense, nutritious food on your table. We are pesticide and herbicide free.

  • Our animal's health and wellbeing is important as they provide food for us and our community. Good husbandry practices bring high quality food.

  • Our meat is free of growth hormones. Our animals are grown on our farm from a young age so we feel confident in the quality of our product.

  • Our layer hens are raised on pasture with plenty of sunshine and room to roam, producing nutritious eggs with rich yellow yolks.

  • We make it easy for you to purchase our products. Whether it is at the U-Pick, Veggie Shed or an online purchase. We strive to make getting top quality food to you!

  • We are local to Central Oregon! And we are willing to share stories about our products, so you as a customer feel comfortable with knowing where your food comes from.

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