A box of your choice is shipped directly to your doorstep whenever you would like – and you can change the box type and frequency as often as you’d like!

We offer box deliveries on the frequency of every 15 days, 30 days and 60 days.

Select from our boxes below, then choose any additional items from our store and we will ship your box directly to you. We ship products on Tuesdays (unless Tuesday falls on a major holiday) then your box will be shipped out the day after. We bill you each time your box is sent out, according to your frequency preference. You can change the frequency, box type, pause or cancel anytime you’d like. Make sure to create an account with us, so that it is easy for both you and us to get your box to you!

We also offer extra items to be added to your order, so once you sign up for the subscription, there will be a list of items to choose from to add to your cart. This way you are getting exactly what you would like!

You can also update payment settings at any time – because of the recurring nature of the membership – PayPal or Apple/Google Pay cannot be used – membership requires a credit card.

No Commitments! – But as a courtesy, we prefer you commit to at least 4 shipments over 1 year.

Choose from the following box options and sign up for a Meat Box Subscriptions today!

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