Our Story

The Maricle Family Farm


Frank and Janelle Maricle have always been tied to farming in some way. We both have deep agriculture roots, a passion for small businesses and family centered and healthy, nutritious food. With the water shortage and potential droughts every year, we have created farming systems that require very little irrigation, which is important for our soil, community, and our world. We are a family operation! Frank’s father, Scott manages the produce farming, while Frank and Janelle operate the U-pick, produce sheds, and work with local restaurants in providing the best local produce to Central Oregon.  We are thankful for the overwhelming support we have received. This allows us to continue our work of feeding our community with the best tasting, healthiest produce available. 

We have multiple ways of purchasing our produce!  Come out to the farm and pick your own delicious produce straight from the field, visit our self-serve veggie sheds, and new for 2022 we will be at several Central Oregon farmers markets. We also have a convenient online store with convenient home shipping!   

Our Pasture Raised Pork  
We graze our hogs on sustainability grown cover crops and forages. We believe in raising our hogs in a natural environment instead of confined feedlots. Their pasture diet is supplemented with a grain ration that we grind on our farm. This creates an amazing flavor profile that is vastly superior to commercially grown store bought meat. Our feed is made from grains supplied by local farms, and is non-gmo and antibiotic and hormone free. Our hogs are grown on our farm from a young age, so we feel confident in the quality of our product. We pride ourselves in growing and raising the cleanest food for your family. 


Our cows are raised on fresh green grass and hay grown in Central Oregon. They get plenty of sunshine and room to roam and are grass-fed and grain finished. Our beef is dry aged for 21-28 days. We use no hormones or antibiotics to grow our beef. They spend the warmer months on pastures around Central Oregon and in the winter they get supplemented with hay we grow through our other business, Maricle Land & Livestock.  

We currently have pork and beef available through our online store. Meat box subscriptions, a la carte items and one time purchase boxes are available for you on our Shop pages. 




Pasture Raised Eggs 
Our laying hens happily supply us with many eggs! They are supplemented with a non-gmo grain we grind ourselves using grains from other local farms around Oregon. Our hens have full access to pasture for fresh forage and bugs. Our eggs are hand-picked, gently washed and packaged and distributed through our different sales outlets to you!