Welcome to Well Rooted Farms!

We are Frank & Janelle and we have always worked around agriculture in some way. We were both raised on a farm and now we are figuring it out together as first generation farmers. We implement the experience we have in our back pocket along with any courses taken and other things learned on the fly.

Frank raised sheep growing up and had layer hens selling eggs to various small grocery stores. He would spend hours washing eggs in the kitchen sink. Frank ran a hay business for 11 years and just in the past 6 months has decided to turn all if not most of his energy towards Well Rooted Farms. Frank enjoys talking to others about eating good food and sharing that common interest with people.

I (Janelle) am originally from Canada, growing up in Rocanville, Saskatchewan on an organic hay and cattle farm. My family comes from Finland and Hungary and have passed down cultural traditions and recipes which I use when cooking in our home. I also have a history in Nursing, which I don't actively practice now, but continue to use the knowledge I learned in my family and lifestyle. I have a passion to learn about food health, studying nutrition in my free time, integrating both practices into my family's life.

Both of us want to connect with our community and customers teaching you about our farming practices and how they can be related to the nutrition of the food. We invite anyone to reach out and ask questions!

While we are the owners and very busy operators of Well Rooted Farms, we are also parents. We have two little boys who you will see “helping” on the farm in videos and photos on social media.

The oldest, Jack is very keen on the chickens and knows exactly where the eggs are laid and how to hand gather them.

Lukas, only 2 months, likes to remind mom when it is time to sit down and take a break. We like spending time with family, travelling and working together outside.

Our focus is to have the healthiest beef & pork possible

We choose to use fresh ingredients in our feed, no hormones to grow our meat, and provide the best, most natural environment for animals. For example - our hogs live out in nature year-round with fresh water and sunshine instead of in confined feedlots. Our layer hens live in a large chicken coop with access to the outdoors verses a small, confined cage. Sometimes we must make changes to our practices throughout the year due to what works the best economically, the availability of resources used and of course and most important what is best for the health and livelihood of our animals. We try to be transparent as much as possible and encourage our followers to reach out if they have any questions regarding our farm practices.

Thank you for being here!