Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you ship your meat frozen?

We ship with dry ice! This ensures our meat stays frozen until it is in your freezer.

When can I expect my box to arrive?

We ship every Tuesday and the box will arrive within 24-48 hours after that.

Are you organic?

We are not certified organic, therefore we cannot legally use the word organic. However, we utilize as many organic and all-natural practices as we can when growing your vegetables. We raise what we believe are the best products to feed our family and share it with our customers. We are herbicide and pesticide free.

When is the U-Pick open?

The U-Pick is open in the warm season months! Although, we don’t technically have a specific date because weather and growing vegetables can manipulate the timing but our target date is mid-June! Keep up on our Instagram and website for further details of opening.

Is your meat hormone and growth antibiotic free?

Yes, all 100% hormone and growth antibiotic free.

When is the Veggie Shed open?

The Veggie Shed is open all year round. Our eggs and meat are available all year while our vegetables are available in the warmer season months.

What are your methods of payment?

At our U-Pick and Veggie Shed store fronts, you can pay by check, cash or credit card. For our online store, a credit card is required.