Pasture Raised Beef & Pork..

...shipped directly to your doorstep every 30, 60, or 90 days.

We offer three simple boxes. And you can change the box type, size and frequency as often as you’d like!

This subscription service means you can skip the grocery line up at the meat section and avoid the mental load of trying to keep your family healthy and fed well, while also trying to remember everything else.. we got you.

Explore Our Boxes

Select from our boxes below, then choose any additional items from our store and we will ship your box directly to you. You can change the frequency, box type, pause or cancel anytime.

Choose Your Box!

Why Choose the Well Rooted Farms Club?

  • 1. Highest Quality Meats

    We raise our beef and pork on pasture crops instead of confined feedlots so they have fresh green grass to eat and freedom to roam. We grain finish our animals, providing the best flavor and marbling. By grinding our own feed, with grains sourced by local farms around Central Oregon, we know what our animals are consuming. We dry-age our beef for optimal taste and quality, while our hogs eat grass on rotational grazed cover crops providing a vast flavor in both meats.

  • 2. Know Where Your Food Comes From

    By following us on social media, you can watch our journey and learn how your meat is grown. Our animals’ health and wellbeing are important for us and our community. It takes a lot of hard work to care for a farm, but we know that good husbandry practices bring high quality food.

  • 3. Support A Small Family Farm

    We are a small family farm dedicated to providing you the best quality meat from animals that are well cared for. When you support a small family farm, you are choosing to help first generation farmers who work hard at providing great tasting meat while using sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. 

How it Works

  1. Check out the Farm Club box options and choose one that best fits how you cook and eat. And whether you want beef or pork or BOTH.
  2. Choose the box size you would like.
  3. Choose from a frequency of every 30, 60 or 90 days.
  4. Be sure to add in the notes area, any cuts that you enjoy eating and we will try to add more to your box. This helps us build a custom box for you!
  5. Add any “extras” from our a la carte items like more ground beef, sausage or stew meat that are easy to cook with.
  6. Your Farm Club box will be delivered on the first Tuesday (shipped orders & local delivery) or Thursday (farm pickup) of the month, given your frequency settings.
  7. Enjoy our delicious pasture raised and grain finished pork and beef delivered directly to your doorstep!

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