Veggie Shed


Our veggie shed offers a wide variety of our farm raised vegetables, including zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, peppers and so much more! These vegetables are grown only a few miles away at our U-Pick location and are picked and delivered same day or a day before we stock it! Stop by to get Well Rooted Farms’ fresh vegetables!

*Off Season:
During the colder months, we are at a limited supply of no vegetables but we still have our pasture raised eggs, pasture raised pork, and beef available all year round for purchase from the veggie shed!

The veggie shed is a self-serve stand, meaning we allow you to come purchase our products at your convenience. It offers you to pay by cash (honor system), credit or debit card or check - whatever option works for you!


South Redmond 'Ridgeview High School' Veggie Shed

Now Open
4700 SW 43rd Street
Redmond, Oregon 97756
(458) 202-9968

Tumalo Veggie Stand

Now Open
64741 Cook Ave
Bend, Oregon 97703

North Redmond ‘Cinder Butte Meat Company’ Veggie Stand

Coming Soon
197 NW O'Neil Hwy
Redmond, Oregon 97776
Veggie Shed Hours:
7am - 9pm

U-Pick Produce Availability & Pricing

        U-Pick Produce Availability & Pricing
Items listed in bold are available for harvest
All veggies are sold per pound
Flowers are sold per stem 
Please note prices are subject to change throughout the season
Bulk Pricing is available on certain crops found at bottom of page (minimum 20lbs)
Beans – $4.00/lb
Beets – $2.00/lb
Bok Choy – $3.00/lb
Broccoli – $2.00/lb
Brussel Sprouts – $3.00/lb
Cabbage (Green & Red) - $1.00/lb
Carrots – $2.00/lb
Cauliflower – $2.00/lb
Chard – $3.00/lb
Armenian - $1.00/lb
Lemon - $2.00/lb
Pickling - $2.00/lb
Slicing – $2.00/lb
Dill $.50/stem
Eggplant – $3.00/lb
Flowers - $1.00 per stem
Kale – $3.00/lb
Cantaloupe –$1.00/lb
Honeydew – $1.00/lb
Watermelon - $0.50/lb
Onions (Red, Yellow, White) – $1.00/lb
Patty Pan Squash - $1/lb
Bell – $2.00/lb
Jalapeno – $2.00/lb
Poblano – $3.00/lb
Serrano – $3.00/lb
Sweet Italian – $2.00/lb
Potatoes - $1.00/lb
Pumpkins - $1.00/lb
Romaine Lettuce - $4.00/lb
Spaghetti Squash – $1.00/lb
Sweet Corn - $1.00/ear
Cherry – $1.00/lb
Heirloom - $3.00/lb
Slicer – $3.00/lb
Winter Squash
All varieties – $1.00/lb
Zucchini (Green & Yellow) – $2.00/lb

Bulk Pricing *Minimum 20lbs*

Pickling Cucumbers - $2/lb
Grade A - $2.40/lb
Grade B - $1.00/lb
Grade B Tomatoes are any that are green, cracked, have holes or soft.
Beets - $1.60/lb
Carrots - $0.80/lb
Corn (Minimum 12 ears) – $0.50/ear