Vegetable & Flower U-Pick

As farmers, we want to share our experiences with you, so we are offering a U-Pick from July to October. We welcome you to come out to pick fresh produce and learn how we grow and care for our vegetables. Although, we have baskets available, the U-Pick can get quite busy so feel free to bring your own baskets, boxes, or buckets to take your produce home with you.

Similar to the veggie shed, the U-Pick is self-serve. At the U-Pick you can pay by cash (honor system), credit or debit card or check - whatever option works for you! 

U-Pick Location & Hours (New Location for 2022 Season!!)

We have moved the U-Pick location just across the river for the 2022 season – only a few minutes away from last year’s location!


Well Rooted Farms U-Pick

20377 Swalley Road
Oregon 97703
Open July 16 to October 31
Currently Open Everyday 6am-7pm

(458) 202-9968

U-Pick Produce Availability & Pricing

        U-Pick Produce Availability & Pricing
Items listed in bold are available for harvest
All veggies are sold per pound
Flowers are sold per stem 
Please note prices are subject to change throughout the season
Bulk Pricing is available on certain crops found at bottom of page (minimum 20lbs)
Beans – $4.00/lb
Beets – $2.00/lb
Bok Choy – $3.00/lb
Broccoli – $2.00/lb
Brussel Sprouts – $3.00/lb
Cabbage (Green & Red) - $1.00/lb
Carrots – $2.00/lb
Cauliflower – $2.00/lb
Chard – $3.00/lb
Armenian - $1.00/lb
Lemon - $2.00/lb
Pickling - $2.00/lb
Slicing – $2.00/lb
Dill $.50/stem
Eggplant – $3.00/lb
Flowers - $1.00 per stem
Kale – $3.00/lb
Cantaloupe –$2.00/lb
Honeydew – $1.00/lb
Watermelon - $1.00/lb
Onions (Red, Yellow, White) – $1.00/lb
Patty Pan Squash - $1/lb
Bell – $2.00/lb
Cherry Peppers $3.00/lb
Jaloro Peppers $3.00/lb
Jalapeno – $3.00/lb
Poblano – $3.00/lb
Serrano – $3.00/lb
Shishito $3.00/lb
Sweet Italian – $3.00/lb
Potatoes - $1.00/lb
Pumpkins - $1.00/lb
Romaine Lettuce - $4.00/lb
Spaghetti Squash – $1.00/lb
Sweet Corn - $1.00/ear
Cherry – $1.00/lb
Heirloom - $3.00/lb
Slicer – $3.00/lb
Winter Squash
All varieties – $1.00/lb
Zucchini (Green & Yellow) – $2.00/lb

Bulk Pricing *Minimum 20lbs*

Pickling Cucumbers - $2/lb
Grade A - $2.40/lb
Grade B - $1.00/lb
Grade B Tomatoes are any that are green, cracked, have holes or soft.
Beets - $1.60/lb
Carrots - $0.80/lb
Corn (Minimum 12 ears) – $0.50/ear