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Well Rooted Farms

Slow Cooker Box

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A variety of delicious cuts to put in the slow cooker or even the Instant Pot, if you don't have a lot of time.  

This Box Includes: 

1 Beef Roast (~2-3lbs lbs) 

1 Package of Short Ribs (2-3 ribs per package, ~ 3.5lbs lbs) 

2 Packages of Stew Meat (~1lb per package)

2 Packages of Ground Beef (~1lb per package)

1 Package of Osso Buco (2 shanks per package, ~ 1.5 lbs per package 

2 Pork Steaks (~2lbs, 2 steaks in 1 package) 

2 Pork Chops (~2lbs, 2 steaks in 1 package)      


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